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PJ's Road Trips are Back!!! 

Click the image for details!!! 3/11/14 in Ann Arbor, MI

1/29/14 - Updates on events and radio show!!!

Events for the first quarter have been updated as well as the www.rapromos.net page which the generic info/contact page for Ruthless Aggression Promotions... All of the Ruthless Aggression Promotions & PJizGOD social media pages and accounts can be found over in the links section... be sure to check it out!!!

 We will have a new tour announcement in the next couple weeks that we are excited to fill you all in on... until then, keep it Ruthless!!! 




Defekt to play New Years Evil 6 w/ Twiztid!!!

AMB Garcia Brothers Tour Tickets 12/7/13

Axe Murder Boyz are hitting the murder mittin on their devastating national headling tour and you dont wanna miss out... Click Here to order your tickets now. 


 Click the above image to order tickets 


This Weekend!!! (7/5/13-7/7/13)

So much is happening... Its so dope being a part of the Twiztid Camp... Always mad busy just the way i like it!!! hope to see some familiar faces ths weekend in Indianapolis, IN for #DaysOfTheDead and cant wait to meet Kane Hodder and Roddy Piper!!!



Keepin it BUSY!!! (7/3/13)

Bunch of awesomeness blasting off... and soon... Touring begins August 8th and I cant wait to see all of you!!! City to city different peeps every single night... coast to coast and even extensive Canadien Travels!! Lets do this!!! Details on the Calendar!!! 

Here is the flyer for the first show on the first segment of the third leg of Twiztid's Abominationz Tour!!!


It's been nearly 8 months since I've updated here!!

 and my have things changed!!! first and foremost, I quit drinking for the time being... but I'm for sure still well known as PJtheJAGERman as well as PJ 2.0
more info to come very soon on all that, but in the meantime stay tuned to all of my social media accounts on the right hand side of the page... Next stop for me... Star Trek Convention in Chicago next weekend (5/31-6/2/13) 

PJ's return from tour party @ Necto

For all the info you need and to RSVP, Click Here

Upcoming events (august 2012)

So much is approaching, peep the Events/Appearances to stay up to date!!! (flyers coming soon)

#thewarpath - episode 3 

Starts at 1:01:45 

ABK's #Undergroundsummerjamtour

you best believe its goin down ALL SUMMER LONG!!! Official ABK dates are up on ABK's Website and VIW (very important warrior) packs are available through ABK VIP ... Official Dates PJ will be at are posted here in the Events/Appearances section... Hope to see all my peeps coast to coast this summer!!!

 Official Dates:

May 31: 
Blind Pig 
208 South 1st Street 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 
Doors: 8PM

June 1: 
1620 Penn Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 
Doors: 7:30PM

June 2: 
The Vernon Club 
1575 Story Avenue 
Louisville, KY 40206 
Doors: 7PM

June 4: 
401 Monsanto Ave 
Sauget, IL 62201 
Doors: 6PM

June 5th: 
Station 4 
201 East 4th Street 
St. Paul, MN 55101 
Doors: 5PM

June 7: 
The Granada 
1020 Massachusetts St. 
Lawrence, KS 66044 
Doors: 6PM

June 8: 
The Black Sheep 
2106 East Platte Avenue 
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 
Doors: 7PM

June 9: 
The Roxy 
2549 Welton St. 
Denver, CO 80205 
Doors: 7PM

June 10: 
The Complex 
536 West 100 South 
Salt Lake City, UT 
Doors: 5PM

June 12: 
Studio 7 
110 S. Horton St. 
Seattle, WA 98134 
Doors: 7PM

June 13: 
Mt. Tabor Theatre 
4811 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard 
Portland, OR 97215 
Doors: 7PM

June 14th: 
The Boardwalk 
9426 Greenback Lane 
Orangevale, CA 95662 
Doors: 7PM

June 15: 
Ventura Theatre 
26 South Chestnut St. 
Ventura, CA 93001 
Doors: 7PM

June 16: 
Chain Reaction 
1652 West Lincoln Avenue 
Anaheim, CA 92801 
Doors: 6:30PM

June 17: 
Aruba (21+ Show) 
1215 Las Vegas Blvd S 
Las Vegas, NV 89104 
Doors: 7PM

June 19: 
Marquee Theatre 
730 N. Mill Avenue 
Tempe, AZ 85281 
Doors: 6:30PM

June 21: 
The Juggernaut 
412 N. 9th Street 
Gallup, NM 87301 
Doors: 7PM

June 23: 
Warehouse 508 
508 1st Street NW 
Albuquerque, NM 87102 
Doors: 7PM

June 24: 
Top Deck 
515 East Main Street 
Farmington, NM 87401 
Doors: 7PM

June 26: 
The White Rabbit 
2410 North Saint Mary's Street 
San Antonio, TX 78212 
Doors: 7PM

June 27: 
Jake's Backroom 
5025 50th St #A 
Lubbock, TX 79414 
Doors: 7PM

June 28: 
2709 Elm Street 
Dallas, TX 75226 
Doors: 7PM

June 29: 
Otherside Event Center 
6904 South Lewis Avenue 
Tulsa, OK 74136 
Doors: 7PM

June 30: 
Downtown Music 
211 West Capitol Avenue 
Little Rock, AR 72201 
Doors: 7PM

July 1: 
The End 
2219 Elliston Place 
Nashville, TN 37203 
Doors: 7PM

July 2: 
The Masquerade 
695 North Ave Northeast 
Atlanta, GA 30308 
Doors: 7PM

July 10: 
The New Daisy 
330 Beale Street 
Memphis, TN 38103 
Doors: 7PM

July 12: 
Tremont Music Hall 
400 West Tremont Avenue 
Charlotte, NC 28203 
Doors: 7PM

July 13: 
Brewster's Pub 
14003 Beach Boulevard 
Jacksonville, FL 32250 
Doors: 7PM

July 15: 
The NorVa 
317 Monticello Avenue 
Norfolk, VA 23510 
Doors: 7PM

July 17: 
407 Saratoga St. 
Baltimore, MD 21202 
Doors: 7PM

July 21: 
Crocodile Rock Cafe 
520 W Hamilton St 
Allentown, PA 18101 
Doors: 6PM

July 22: 
Alrosa Villa 
5055 Sinclair Rd. 
Columbus, OH 43229 
Doors: 6PM

July 24: 
The Emerson Theatre 
4630 East 10th Street 
Indianpolis, IN 46201 
Doors: 6:30PM

July 25: 
2045 East 21st St. 
Cleveland, OH 44115 
Doors: 7PM

July 26: 
308 S Main St. 
Toledo, OH 43601 
Doors: 7PM

July 28: 
The Intersection 
133 Grandville Avenue Southwest 
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 

Doors: 7PM 

upcoming PJ/r.a.p. happpenings!!!

I made it down to the ABK 420 show about halfway through... caught OS7 and Killas full sets... Good times hangin with the peeps in Indy!!! Coming up in May is the return of JRsWells for Mothers Day (2nd Weekend) as well as ABK's Warrior Party in Gallup NM and Hatchet Attacks in Farmington, NM (see my events/appearances section)...

Killas wake and bake shows!!! 

420 is the Stoner Holiday of the year and ABK knows how to put it down!!! Check him out April 19th in Illinois and April 20th in Indiana!!!


Killas St Pattys Day Show Recap... Upcoming Shows (3/22/12)

It was a crazy off the hook night with everybody bringin their

A Game to the stage!!!



420 is gonna be insane in Indiana!!!

peep the flyer for details!!!


The Warpath Has Been Cancelled Tonight (3/1/12)

Sorry for the staleness... be sure to follow @NWIbooking on twitter and stay tuned to ABK's Website for the latest news and info...

Updates (2/26/12-3/4/12)

Busy week last week... Killa rocked Toledo, OH, St Paul, MN, Cleveland, OH and Columbus, OH... Got to visit the Mall of America and ate at Dick's Last Resort...Many more big things poopin off!!! This Thursday March 1st The Warpath returns to @PSYradio!!! Then on March 4th ABK is hosting an underground show (see flyer below) featuring Ikkurruz, Troubled Mindz, Defekt and many more!!! Plus more tour dates posted soon, Hatchet Attacks info and soooo much more!!!! Stay Tuned!!!


Warpath Returns on March 1st!!!

Here is the 2/2/12 show... enjoy (begins at 37:40)



Show starts at 50:31 

Welcome to 2012!!!

So what if im a week late bringing pjizgod.com into the new year??? ha always got so much on my plate i guess thats just how it goes!!! so here are the news blurbs for ya!!!


 ABK's NYE show  - bottom line is, if u missed it, ya missed out!!! slap yaself!!! XD did my thing, and afterwards.... did my other thing (insert jager related comment here).


PSY Radio launches - Jan 3 2012 was the date, and if ya missed it all archived shows are now posted on youtube via hatchetmantv.com (peep my Links page) 


Warpath continues live via @PSYradio Thursday, January 12, 2012 so peep that shizZz!!! first time ya get to catch the audio AND live video feeds!!


 Way more to come... new faces here and there, more music + the return of the DJ JAGERman show and possibly even PJ's Detroit Underground Update!!! Special Guests galore and so much more!!! stay tuned here and watch it all unfold!!!

 *Also gotta figure out the pics prob out... gotta shrink em a bit lol*


(Upcoming Events)

 Big things been poppin lately... and if you havent been tuned in to my Ustream page your missing out cause i broadcast live alot... Slaughterhouse, Ajax, Angelspit... and it dont stop!!! Peep out my upcoming Events/Appearances to see see when and where ima end up next!!! 


PJ joins Spreaker.com / Upcoming events / Facebook & Twitter

Well im back in this piece again... Its 6am on 8/27/11 and im playing catch up... first off if you dont follow my twitter or arent friends on facebook, you have missed out on my latest radio show... PJ's DJ JagerMan Show on Spreaker.com 

Super late on this (been posted on the Official R.A.P. Facebook Page but here is the big event poppin off in 12 hours... till next time... stay tuned here as well as twitter to keep up to date!!!



NEXT... (8-18-11)

Things have never been better... now that GOTJ is over, I have my work cut out... look for a few TALENT show dates to be added in the next few days!!! New Blog will also be up this week along with a new radio show!!! Makin things pop!!! hahaha

PJ on EBAY!!! (Official Seller Account Link)

When it says PJizGOD, you dont have to worry about bootlegs or gettin ripped off!!! Buy / Bid with confidence!!! PJ's EBAY - Click Here and remember there are always things for sale over at Rapromos.net. See ya all on the Set It Off Tour... then GOTJ!!! 2 Whoops!!! 

AMB's Set It Off Tour 2011

PJ has just been added to the tour slangin the merchandise!!! so come out to the shows and get you some of that new new!!! Peep the Tour Section for dates and Axe Murder Boyz Official Website for ticket links.

Now Booking Shows and Tours!!! Get at me ASAP...

Doing big things... now that my schedule is clear, time to return to what i do... booking shows... i dont discriminate so holla if your interested in my services...

Medicine Bag Tour Recap / Hatchet Attacks

Well yet another tour is in the bag... 2011 has been bomb busy and i love it... first the drive by tour, and now the medicine bag tour, shit keeps poppin off bigger and bigger every time we go out... 


 Along this tour i met a bunch of new friends, put faces to names ive heard about, joined the #soill click... and got thuggish on some J.P.'s XD lol and that just barely scratches the surface!!! we even got raided by the fuzz... ate some of the finest food in america (huge perk of touring) and soooooo much more... cant wait to get back out there!!!


Now, on to this saturday, Hatchet Attacks in wicked wisconsin... hope to see a bunch of my ppl in the house... its gonna be held at the same venue we played the 2nd drive by show at... the rave... so if your in the house, holla!!!



ABK's Medicine Bag Tour / Nervous Music Video


Stale / Fresh News

Unfortunately due to weather conditions, the AMB Body in a Hole Super Show has been cancelled... but on the bright side, catch theJAGERman slangin that merch at the Boondox shows this weekend, details on the calendar!!!

ABK - Last Chance Video 1/14/11

 - theJAGERman!!!


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